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Anavar 50 – sis labs [50mg/60tabs]

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Box = 60 tabs

1tab = 50mg



Buy Anavar 50mg / Oxandrolone – Sis labs in steroids shop UK – Next day delivery.

Anavar is an oral 17- alpha-alkylated steroid. It is also known as Oxandrolone. It is the modified version of dihydrotestosterone. The drug is for athletes who are prepared for competition to do with strength. Athletes looking for muscle without water, buy steroids as Oxandrolone is compound that helps to get rid of the excess fat in the body. Many users prefer Anavar as it is milder on the body as it has lower than average virilisation side effects. The steroid can be taken on its own or can be used by adding to a more intense style.

 The recommended dosage says 50 mg tablet a day for a maximum of 8 weeks. It will help to create the Dry Hard Look. Intake of milk will help to build the muscles aptly.


  • The steroid is well tolerated with 17- alpha alkylated anabolic steroid.
  • It has low hepatic toxicity.
  • Under clinical doses, Anavar 50 shows improvements in strength and increases the muscle mass.
  • Use of Anavar 50 helps to reduce body fat significantly in the abdominal area.
  • Since the oxandrolone present does not aromatase, the anabolic effect of the compound results in linear growth.


  • There are many steroids shop that sell Anavar 50 giving body a more relief look.
  • It is impeccable for those first athletes associateby anabolic steroids.
  • It increases anabolism through the receptor activity of androgen.
  • It shows low incidence of adverse reactions as compared to other steroids.
  • Anavar 50 acts as a massive aid in nerve generation or skin healing in burn victims or increase rate of healing after an occurrence of a traumatic event.
  • The steroids UK bit coins is one of the way to buy Anavar 50.


Users may complain of joint pains on initial consumption of the drug. Due to the alpha –alkylated, it can cause a slight toxic impact on the liver.


It is safe to use and can be used on a regular basis. However, buy Anavar 50 – Sis Labs [50mg/60tabs] UK, only when it is verified that it is a SIS product.

Most of the tablets can be ordered online and get steroids UK next day delivery. Water retention in the body is practically negligible; this means an individual can gain solid lean tissue easily. Though the tablet is absolutely safe for men, when it comes to for female use, they can be sensitive to it. Therefore when it comes to female use, must be taken under physician’s supervision.

The tablet is suggested for fat loss. It is due to the powerful anabolic nature, Anavar 50 is considered best for preserving lean tissue during the dieting phase. If a person wishes to lean down but does not want to have any muscle loss, can buy steroids UK Anavar 50 to help the muscle tone and lose fat at the same time.


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